Bikes - Women's

Our selection of womens bikes comes in just as many shapes, sizes and styles as you could wish for. You won't have to sacrifice style for form and function as our variety of bike brands are ready to get women out there pedaling away even faster than the men. If you want to ride the mountain trails or just enjoy a leisure ride through the neighborhood, there are womens bikes ready to take you on your commute.
Fuji Sanibel LX Sin Bike - Women's
Fuji Sanibel LX Sin Bike
Size: 14in
Reg: $399.00
36% Off
On Sale: $253.95
Fuji Sunfire 3.0 ST Bike - Women's
Fuji Sunfire 3.0 ST Bike
Size: 18in (M)
Reg: $559.00
35% Off
On Sale: $362.95
Hollandia Oma Bike - Women's
Hollandia Oma Bike
Size: 19in
Our Price: $294.99
Schwinn Fastback 1 Bike - Women's
Schwinn Fastback 1 Bike
Size: 47cm (S), 50cm (M)
Reg: $1220.00
34% Off
On Sale: $800.95
Schwinn Sporterra 4 Bike - Women's
Schwinn Sporterra 4 Bike
Size: 43cm (S), 48cm (M)
Reg: $440.00
39% Off
On Sale: $269.95