Fallen Hoodies - Mens

Fallen has been around the game for YEARS, and no one knows originality and skater lifestyle better than Jamie Thomas. This dude has been skating with the likes of Natas, Gonz, and Guerro since he was just a wee lad. You’d think making the scene with these types of cats might just give you some knowledge about what skaters really want. Well, that’s why Fallen hoodies break the mold from other hoodies in a way that Jamie Thomas could have only done himself. The zip away capacity gives free reign over any bench, pipe, or skate park in a twenty mile radius. Just zip away and show your skills any time it feels right. A bit chilly in your neck of the woods? No worries. The mid-weight insulation will keep you warm for days on end. Living in the mountains of Alaska, or just skating in December? This layering hoodie provides the perfect amount of warmth for your on-the-go lifestyle. The outstanding logo design and pattern selection allow you to represent what your TRUE colors are wherever you may be.
Fallen Gerlach Hoodie Black Plum/Grape Purple
Fallen Gerlach Hoodie Black Plum/Grape Purple
Size: Medium, Large, X-Large
Our Price: $59.99