Intermediate Skis - Mens

ProBoardshop has the best selection of Intermediate Skis for those who want to take skiing to the next level. With hundreds of Intermediate Skis from the most trusted brands, ProBoardshop has a pair for you no matter your budget. Our fast free shipping makes it easy to ditch the old sticks and move up a class!
Blizzard Cochise Skis 2014
Blizzard Cochise Skis
Size: 170cm, 177cm, 185cm
Reg: $900.00
32% Off
On Sale: $615.95
Head The Show Skis 2014
Head The Show Skis
Size: 163cm, 172cm, 181cm
Reg: $350.00
40% Off
On Sale: $209.95
Icelantic Keeper Skis
Icelantic Keeper Skis
Size: 189cm
Reg: $729.00
21% Off
On Sale: $574.95
K2 Coomback Skis 2014
K2 Coomback Skis
Size: 167cm, 174cm, 188cm
Reg: $780.00
37% Off
On Sale: $494.95
K2 Shreditor 120 Skis 2015
K2 Shreditor 120 Skis
Size: 169cm, 179cm, 189cm
Reg: $840.00
17% Off
On Sale: $699.95
K2 Side Show Skis
K2 Side Show Skis
Size: 181cm, 188cm
Reg: $810.00
36% Off
On Sale: $518.95
Line Blend Skis 2015
Line Blend Skis
Size: 171, 178, 185
Reg: $750.00
20% Off
On Sale: $599.95
Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis 2014
Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis
Size: 172cm, 178cm, 190cm
Reg: $810.00
33% Off
On Sale: $542.95
Nordica Patron Skis
Nordica Patron Skis
Size: 185cm, 193cm
Reg: $949.00
37% Off
On Sale: $595.95
Rossignol S2 Howell Skis
Rossignol S2 Howell Skis
Size: 160cm, 170cm, 180cm
Reg: $550.00
50% Off
On Sale: $274.95
Rossignol Squad 7 Skis 2015
Rossignol Squad 7 Skis
Size: 180cm, 190cm
Reg: $900.00
11% Off
On Sale: $799.95
Surface New Life Skis
Surface New Life Skis
Size: 174cm, 184cm
Reg: $599.98
31% Off
On Sale: $415.95