Single Speed Bikes

Just because everyone wants to go fast and do big tricks doesn't mean that’s all there is to cycling. Single speed bikes are just as in demand now as they were in the past. Single speed is great for urban riding and commuting, getting you where you want to be without a lot of hassle or fanfare. Sturdy construction means these single speed bikes will hold up to hard riding so you don't have to worry about a few dings slowing you down.
Gran Royale Aristocrat Bike - Women's
Gran Royale Aristocrat Bike
Size: 47cm/18.5in
Reg: $399.95
34% Off
On Sale: $263.95
Hollandia Amsterdam V Bike - Women's
Hollandia Amsterdam V Bike
Size: 19in
Our Price: $369.99
Hollandia City Leopard Bike - Women's
Hollandia City Leopard Bike
Size: 19
Our Price: $294.99
Hollandia New Oma 24 Bike - Women's
Hollandia New Oma 24 Bike
Size: 17in
Our Price: $284.99
Hollandia Oma Bike - Women's
Hollandia Oma Bike
Size: 19in
Our Price: $294.99
Schwinn City 3 Bike - Women's
Schwinn City 3 Bike Extra Discount in Cart
Size: 18.5in (M), 44cm (S), 50cm (L)
Reg: $550.00
39% Off
On Sale: $299.95 - $332.95
Schwinn Sprite Beach Cruiser - Women's
Schwinn Sprite Beach Cruiser Extra Discount in Cart
Size: 17in
Reg: $360.00
46% Off
On Sale: $193.95