Commuter Bikes

Worried about the environment? Want to start improving the air you breathe? Start pedaling yourself to work instead of sitting in a car like everyone else. Our selection of commuter bikes provides the lightest and most durable two-wheeled delights to get you from Point A to Point B on a day-to-day basis. Get exercise as a bike commuter instead of sitting in traffic and adding pollutants to the air. You deserve to feel the satisfaction in improving your health and our environment!

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  • Price: 280.00 - 309.99
Framed X300 3 Speed Bike
Framed X300 3 Speed Bike
Size: 52cm/20.5in
Reg: $495.00
39% Off
On Sale: $299.95
Hollandia City Leopard Bike - Women's
Hollandia City Leopard Bike
Size: 19
Our Price: $294.99
Hollandia New Oma 24 Bike - Women's
Hollandia New Oma 24 Bike
Size: 17in
Our Price: $284.99
Hollandia Oma Bike - Women's
Hollandia Oma Bike
Size: 19in
Our Price: $294.99
Hollandia Opa Bike
Hollandia Opa Bike
Size: 21in
Our Price: $294.99
Schwinn City 3 Bike
Schwinn City 3 Bike Extra Discount in Cart
Size: 48cm (S), 53cm (M), 57cm (L)
Reg: $550.00
45% Off
On Sale: $299.95
Schwinn Sporterra 4 Bike 2014
Schwinn Sporterra 4 Bike
Size: Large
Reg: $440.00
32% Off
On Sale: $299.95