City Bikes

Whether you like keeping riding to the dirt roads or want to get back and forth to work, city bikes are the way to go. With a wide range of styles, sizes and brands to choose from, city bikes are all about navigating the urban environment with durable designs and smooth rides. Bikes for city commuters appeal to a wide range of riders from connoisseurs to amateurs just out looking for some fun on two wheels.

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  • Color: Black
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Breezer Downtown 3 Bike
Breezer Downtown 3 Bike
Size: 52cm/20.5in (M), 56cm/22in (L), 60cm/23.5in (XL)
Reg: $659.99
33% Off
On Sale: $441.95
Civia Loring BaSE 3 Bike
Civia Loring BaSE 3 Bike
Size: 19in (L), 21in (XL)
Reg: $875.00
32% Off
On Sale: $597.95
Fuji Crosstown 1.1 Bike
Fuji Crosstown 1.1 Bike
Size: 15in, 17in, 19in
Reg: $499.00
18% Off
On Sale: $409.95
GT GTR Series 4 Bike Matte Black 51cm (M) 2014
GT GTR Series 4 Bike Matte Black 51cm (M)
Size: 51cm (M)
Reg: $760.00
22% Off
On Sale: $589.95