Osiris Casual Shoes - Mens

Saving the skins of extreme sportsmen and women everywhere. Kicking up the style at work. Making those long nights in the clubs feel like a walk in the park. All these things rely on one very important element: shoes. Not just any type of sneaker, loafer, lace-up, or slip on can cut it. No fancy heels or trendy fly-by-night company fad pieces. We are talking about a company that started in 1996, and 18 years later is still going strong. Made by skaters, for skaters, it’s the Osiris shoes.. Their easy-to-wear style, ample padding and modern design have let them break into more than just the asphalt.
Osiris Uprise Shoes
Osiris Uprise Shoes
Size: 9, 10, 11, 13
Our Price: $75.00